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Devils for details at The Normans

No so long ago, we announced that summer was ‘threatening to make a comeback’. Since then we’ve had record temperatures and record rainfall.

Ah, merry England…

At least the weather behaved itself back in May for Katie and Rob’s beautiful wedding, which we’re revisiting for today’s blog… And, to clarify - the lovely couple were by no means devils, but their eye for detail when creating their Big Day was quite commendable…

All the sparkle at Katie and Rob's wedding day

On arrival, guests were greeted by blue skies and some well-placed signage guiding them into The Normans Courtyard…

This way to The Normans wedding venue

… where yet more well-placed signage artfully conveyed the order of the day. We love the use of this old farm pallet. Informative and eye-catching. Bravo.

The order of the day printed on a suitably rustic pallet.jpg
Resident feline Toilet Cat greets guests in The Normans Courtyard.jpg
Guests enjoy a pre-ceremony drink in The Normans Courtyard.jpg

While guests mingled for pre-ceremony drinks (see above for obligatory shot of resident feline Toilet Cat strutting her stuff), bride-to-be Katie was readying herself in The Normans Cottage. Here she is being doted on by the lovely Emily and Stephanie of Luxe Hair & Makeup.

Katie getting ready for her big day in The Normans Cottage

The result, as you can imagine, was quite stunning. Here’s Katie, dressed in a ‘Romance’ gown by Marylise & Rembo Styling.

“I am a Yorkshire girl at heart so always knew I would start my search for a dress ‘Up North’,” explains Katie. “I ended up finding ‘the one’ in The Bridal Collection, Harrogate. The gown I chose has a gorgeous long floaty skirt and a scalloped lace sleeveless bodice that fit me like a glove. I also fell for a long delicate veil that I absolutely loved wearing and ended up keeping on even as I was dancing the night away!”

Katie - wedding ready at The Normans
The beautiful bride

Katie’s bridesmaids, meanwhile, were dressed in mid-blue Taurus by Veromia from NABBD (Not Another Boring Bridesmaid Dress!) in London. “The boutique has hundreds of different styles of dresses in every possible colour, which was perfect for us as we were struggling to find the right colours for our May wedding when we started looking around Christmas time,” says Katie. “The dresses looked stunning on all of my girls and worked perfectly with the colours in their spring bouquets.”

Katie gets her bridesmaids' seal of approval

Aforementioned bouquets were the handiwork of our friend Kate Mell; here they are, modelled by Katie and her fab five bridesmaids.

Girls together

Meanwhile, groom Rob loitered in The Normans Courtyard, showing off his tailored three-piece number from M&S. His classic look was finished off with the white rose of Yorkshire as a buttonhole. Quite right too.

Groom Rob - wedding ready.jpg
The final touches for Rob's wedding look.jpg
White rose buttonholes, courtesy of Kate Mell Flowers.jpg
Rob takes a moment's quiet time in The Normans Cow Stalls.jpg

Once Rob was buttonholed up and had assumed the position (at the end of the aisle), The Normans Team shepherded Katie and her bridesmaids to the Ceremony Barn…

The beautiful Katie en route to The Normans Ceremony Barn.jpg

Here, the father of the bride took over, and proudly walked his daughter down the aisle. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Katie and he proud Dad make their entry into The Normans Ceremony Barn.jpg
Rob and Katie united at the end of the aisle in The Normans Ceremony Barn.jpg
Rob and Katie. Man and wife.jpg

As is the tradition in these parts, the newly married couple were enthusiastically pelted with confetti as they walked back down the aisle…

Confetti swirls in the breeze outside The Normans Ceremony Barn.jpg

… happily, their travails were rewarded by Hog & Apple, who lay in wait with some delectable canapes. On today’s menu: Korean fillet of beef in a lettuce wrap and Thai spring rolls, to name but a few.

Creative canapes courtesy of Hog & Apple.jpg
Mouth-watering morsels by Hog & Apple.jpg

The Normans Courtyard is the ideal place to scoff and quaff - and a rather nice setting for the obligatory group shot. Everyone say: “Coagulation of the milk protein casein!” (Or “cheese!”, if that’s easier.)

The obligatory group shot in The Normans Courtyard.jpg

The drinks reception also affords couples the perfect opportunity to escape for quiet time and photos. We just love how photographers visiting The Normans are getting more and more creative with the backdrops they find around the farm. Hats off to Kate Gray, who was back at The Normans shooting these truly amazing portraits.

Roller-shutter romancing - Part 1.jpg
Roller-shutter romancing - Part 4.jpg
Roller-shutter romancing - Part 2.jpg
Roller-shutter romancing - Part 3.jpg

There was even the opportunity for the groomsmen and bridesmaids to get in on the action…

The whole gang.jpg

No corner of the farm was left unexplored - from the modern spaces…

Katie and Rob take cover in a wonderfully lit barn.jpg
Katie and Rob do farmyard fabulous.jpg

… to some of the farm’s oldest, most scenic spots.

Another stunning snap in yet another one of The Normans' hidden corners.jpg

On the subject of photography, we have to make special mention of the couple’s DIY ‘photo booths’, imaginatively created by hanging ornate picture frames from the trusses in the Cow Stalls. This unique little area was made all the more special with bushy hops lining the mangers (Kate Mell’s handiwork, yet again) and personalised Polaroid-style bunting.

Homemade photo booth in The Normans Cow Stalls.jpg
The Cow Stalls mangers decked with hops and embellished with personalised Polaroid-style bunting.jpg
Picture-perfect homemade photobooths in The Normans Cow Stalls.jpg

Guests were in for a treat when the Grain Shed doors were opened for the wedding breakfast…

Guests are called in for the wedding breakfast.jpg

… they were greeted by a stunning table plan, again, embellished with yet more hops; a table-full of wedding favours-cum-goodie bags…

Every last detail had been covered - even the table plan was stunning.jpg
Goodie-bags for guests .jpg

… and little personal touches at every turn - from the guest book to the, erm, gnomes!

Personalised touches at every turn.jpg

“Kate Mell created two stunning floral displays of hydrangeas and stocks for the end of the aisle, which filled the ceremony barn with a gorgeous scent,” reminisces Katie.

These displays were then moved by The Normans team into the Grain Shed, so Katie and Rob (and their guests!) could make the most out of them.

“We kept with the floral theme throughout,” continues Katie, “by decorating the long dining tables with rustic jam jars packed with white- and blush-coloured blooms.“

The Grain Shed dining area in all its glory.jpg
Stunning floral display of hydrangeas and stocks .jpg

Hog & Apple duly served some beautiful-looking, great tasting food. Behold the below dishes: an antipasti sharing platter (the goat’s cheese stack) served on a raised board; Parmesan, rocket and green bean salad; chorizo mac and cheese; and an Eton Mess dessert.

“We were keen to bring everyone together and chose the long rustic dining tables and sharing dishes to do this – antipasti boards to start, followed by the most amazing pulled pork, Southern fried chicken and mac ‘n’ cheese for main. Hog and Apple were fantastic, both during the planning and on the day and so many of our guests have said how much they enjoyed our wedding breakfast,” says Katie.

Sublime starters courtesy of Hog & Apple.jpg
Sharing bowls for mains.jpg
Comfort food at its best from Hog & Apple.jpg

Since the food and the decor were good enough to sing and dance about, it’s fitting that we fast-forward to the first dance, where Katie and Rob kicked off the evening by taking to the floor for the first time as a married couple.

Hearty hugs to the wonderful couple from all here at The Normans!

Katie and Rob grace the dance floor for the first time as a married couple.jpg
We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect Yorkshire wedding and that is in no small part down to the fabulous venue that is The Normans. With its thousands of twinkling fairy lights, beautiful courtyard and stunning location, The Normans had everything we were looking for in a wedding venue!
— Marvellous May bride Katie
Katie and Rob, gone with the wind at The Normans.jpg











Love in full bloom at The Normans

June may have been a washout, but summer’s threatening to make a comeback this month. To celebrate, we hark back to the happy day when a lady called Emily married a man called James, right here at The Normans.

Emily and James’s wedding epitomised summer chic and style, and featured a distinct floral theme throughout…

James & Emily (and squad) at The Normans. Photo by

But before we get to the bride and groom, the music and the food, and all the other important details that are of interest to soon-to-be-wed couples, we begin this blog (like all good blogs) with a cat. Not just any cat, mind, but The Normans’ feline-in-chief: Toilet Cat (long story behind the name). Here she is, enjoying the sun in The Normans Courtyard, basking in the sunshine, waiting for an unsuspecting guest to drop a canape.

'Toilet Cat' - The Normans' resident feline - relaxes in the sun in The Courtyard. Photo by

Speaking of guests: here they are, mingling and making merry in The Normans Courtyard (Toilet Cat out of shot). The welcome sign is one of the many nice personal touches that punctuated James and Emily’s big day.


And so, to Emily’s partners in crime: the bridesmaids. Here they are, below, approaching the venue, wedding ready. Emily let her girls pick their own dresses, and the result is fantastic: a mixture of styles from Issa at House of Fraser, Asos, Oasis (the high-street retailer, not the band), and Shona Joy. We love the deep blues, rich reds and dark greens.

Bridesmaids... assemble! The girls get ready for Emily's big day at The Normans. Photo by

But all eyes were on the lady in white. Here’s Emily loitering with intent outside The Normans Ceremony Barn. Her simple, sleek and oh-so-stunning dress was designed Emma Beaumont, who's studio is based in Cheshire. “I knew I wanted something minimalist but with some ‘bridally’ touches,” explains Emily. “And also something I could dance in and eat lots of chips! Emma and her whole team are so lovely and so talented.”

Beautiful bride Emily - all smiles before the ceremony. Photo by

And here’s a closer look at Emily’s bouquet - a celebration of summer colour by Claire Lewis. As for the rest of the fantastic florals… “Most of the potted plants were raided from my dad's garden - he put in so much hard work growing them, he's such a hero!” says Emily. “The cut flowers were provided by Sally Pickering from Flowers from the Farm, so everything was from just down the road with zero air miles! Everything was arranged by Claire Lewis at who also provided all the props.”

A pocket full of posies (read as: a fantastic bouquet by Claire Lewis). Photo by

We adore this shot of Emily and her girls - the colours, the composition… credit to photographer Jules Barron for capturing it- and everything else on the day. What a star!

Hashtag squad. Wedding ready. Bosh. Photo by

“But what of the groom?!” we hear you cry. Don’t worry - here he is, hiding in the Cow Stalls contemplating love and life (and thinking of all the future social engagements he could wear his amazing jacket to. Note the floral pattern. We love it. Bravo to Manchester tailor Richard Smith.)

Groom James waiting in the wings before doin' the 'I do'. Photo by

Luckily, we were able to extract James from the Cow Stalls and deposit him at the end of the aisle, before Emily and her Dad, made their entrance into the Ceremony Barn…

Here comes the bride... Emily and her Dad start their journey down the aisle. Photo by

And below is a photo that gets us every time: happiness personified!

(PS That jacket!)

The looks says it all. Emily meets James at the end of the aisle, Photo by

It doesn’t matter how many ceremonies we host here at The Normans, we can never quite get over how beautiful the Barn looks when it’s full of guests, the bride and groom, and lots of love.

The scene is set for Emily and James's exchange of vows. Photo by

Vows were exchanged, and James and Emily returned down the aisle as man and wife. Behold the joyous throwing of confetti - once again captured on camera by Jules Barron, perched on the Ceremony Barn’s mezzanine level.

And there it is! Confetti is thrown with gay abandon as James and Emily walk back down the aisle as man and wife. Photo by

And… more confetti!

More confetti! Photo by

Once the petal pelting had finished, James and Emily arrived in The Courtyard amid much fanfare - said fanfare provided by the scallywags of New York Brass Band.

New York Brass Band serenade bride and groom in The Normans Courtyard. Photo by

NYBB have since performed at Glastonbury. We haven’t heard from them since, but assume/hope they’re alive and still taking bookings.

New York Brass Band doing what they do at The Normans. Photo by

Hog & Apple were on hand to provide sustenance - food being a very important part of Emily’s day…

“We picked food that would keep things casual,” says Emily. “I really loved Hog & Apple’s sharing boards. We were both big fans of the taco canapes - and it’s a running joke that we only ever eat kebabs, so obviously had to have shawarmas for the evening food, which were a big hit!”

Tasty canapes, courtesy of Hog & Apple
Tacos, anyone?

The weather turned, and while bruised, brooding skies weren’t enough to dampen spirits (the rain held off, happily), they did encourage guests to move inside…

Brooding skies didn't deter guests from merrymaking in The Normans Courtyard. Photo by

… where long rustic banqueting tables awaited, lined with pot plants (straight out of Emily’s Dad’s garden!), shining glassware and contemporary tableware.

Long rustic banqueting tables were laid for the wedding breakfast. Photo by

Wedding favours? Sorted. Old-school Panini football stickers, of course.

“I was very sceptical at first,” explains Emily, “but James's vintage football sticker collection is infamous amongst friends, and people seemed to really enjoy them!”

Classic Panini football stickers for wedding favours. Standard. Photo by

For all the pomp and ceremony of weddings, we love the quiet moments - here are James and Emily, away from the madding crowd, enjoying a minute together before being welcomed in for the wedding breakfast…

A quiet moment before being welcomed into The Normans Grain Shed for the wedding breakfast. Photo by

… and here’s a shot of the lovely couple, shining brighter than the cascading fairy lights behind them…

The sparkling couple. Photo by

… relaxing in The Cow Stalls…

A quiet moment in the Cow Stalls. Photo by

… strolling down a country lane (as you do)…

Roaming the roads outside of The Normans. Photo by

… and having a heart to heart in a massive shed.

Emily & James in a massive Grain Shed. Photo by

But James and Emily weren’t ones to stay away from the fray, and were soon back in action by way of a full-blooded first dance…

James and Emily take to the floor for their first dance. Photo by

… a first dance that set the tone for quite a party…

The dance floor heats up at The Normans. Photo by
We knew the Normans was the place for us the moment we walked in. Everything from the beautiful ceremony barn to the secret little seating areas is perfect. Not only is the venue beautiful but the team are fantastic - everything leading up to the wedding was handled so smoothly and really put us ease, and Oliver was amazing on the day helping with anything and everything!
— The effervescent Emily
Bride Emily basks in the evening sun. Photo by