taxi services

If you're not arranging transport for your guests to travel to and/or from The Normans, it is essential that you provide them with the contact details of local taxi firms. We'd recommend including some of the below details when you send out invitations, ensuring that your guests pre-book taxis to get home safely after a night of merrymaking (taxis are few and far between in our neck of the woods).

We'd also suggest that each guest/couple/small group book their own taxi. This might sound straightforward enough, but we find that the stragglers at the end of the night are the people who have relied on 'someone else' to book their cab. Inevitably, the 'someone else' goes home early, leaving those they've booked taxis for without a relevant number to chase up late or lost drivers!

It's worth mentioning that The Normans is a registered business with Google , so we can be easily found using the Google Maps app. For further details, find directions on our 'Contact' page.


Dougie's Door to Door

07795 086 754

fleetways taxis

01904 365 365


01904 656 565



Turn up to your Big Day in a big car. Why? Well... why not? Below are a few local firms that provide automobiles of all shapes and sizes to make sure you arrive at the venue in style.


CPW Chauffers

Slick professional private hire service, offering wedding cars, airport transfers after the event, and private hire.

Liberty Campers VW Wedding & Holiday Hire

VW Campers are a timeless quirky classic - the perfect vehicle in which to arrive at The Normans. Owner Tracey Holdsworth has a selection of beautiful vintage Campers for you and your wedding party to choose from.


Coach & Double-Decker bus

A coach or bus is the ideal way to ensure that all your guests arrive at the venue (and leave!) together - as well as affording everyone the chance to take in some beautiful rural scenery, en route!


York Pullman

Collect your guests in a vintage double-decker bus - a novel way to arrive at the venue, especially for those getting married offsite.